Earn points by attending our events and enjoy the benefits of being apart of our chapter!

Silver Benefits (5+ points):

  • We’ll help you put Net Impact on your resume
  • Become a mentor next year

Gold Benefits (10+ points):

  • All silver membership benefits
  • End-of-year Alumni dinner on us
  • Strong consideration for open e-board positions
  • Employer and opportunities resume priority
Current Gold Members
Joshua Dean (14)
Jessica Guo (14)
Ilse Paanakker (12)
Avishee Gupta (12)
Joshua Sakhai (12)
Brandon Wang (11)
Pedro Tenreiro (11)
Current Silver Members
Kevin Yang (8)
Lillian Leung (6)
Tahsin Akanda (6)
Bhavya Pandyaram (6)
Close, but not quite!
Sebastian Diaz (5)
Zeeshant Merchant (5)
Lauren Kim (5)
Cynthia Chau (5)
Camila Leal (5)
Karina Diaz (5)
Dylan Qian (5)
(Updated as of April 10th)

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