Thanks for checking out the undergraduate Net Impact chapter at NYU Stern! We are a chapter of the international Net Impact organization – “a global network of leaders who are changing the world through business.”

Here at Stern, we hope to start fostering that network by exploring all the ways that doing business intersects with doing good. Our speaker series covers topics from corporate social responsibility to microfinancealternative energy to economic development, and from social entrepreneurship to sustainability and has included speakers from organizations such as AshokaBRAC, CitiDo Something, Goldman Sachs, and the United Nations.

Our upcoming events can be found below!

Two Questions To Ask at Any Interview


Salesforce came to NYU today to talk Corporate Social Responsibility, and we learned a lot about 1/1/1 philanthropy. We also got some serious schooling of why traveling the world is important, and what you should look for in a company.

HeidiConnal, VP of the Salesforce Foundation, shares here two favorite questions to ask when interviewing for a job:

  1. What is your cause?
  2. Why did you join the company?

Meeting 10/20: Salesforce

SalesforceHow is Fortune’s four-time #1 Most Innovative Company leveraging technology for social good? Hear from Heidi Connal, VP of the Salesforce Foundation to find out. Lunch will be served!

Meeting 10/6: Catchafire

Copy of Clean Water

Hear from Scott Schwaitzberg, Head of Business Development & Enterprise, about how Catchafire matches skilled professionals with volunteer projects at nonprofits & social enterprises. Lunch is on us!

Meeting 9/29: Clean Water For Everyone

Clean Water.jpg

Join us to hear Wemimo Abbey, CEO of Clean Water for Everyone, talk about his role in creating sustainable sources of water all over the world and the challenges he faced starting a global nonprofit. Lunch will be served! Cosponsored with Business Politics Group.

Meeting 4/27: CSR Wire

4.28.14 - csrwire

Meeting 4/15: What’s Your Story?

4 15 14 - what's your story_

Meeting 4/7: Very Social Social

4.7.14 - a very social social

Meeting 4/1: Negotiating Social Impact

4.1.14 - negotiation social impact

Meeting 3/31: Harry’s

3.31.14 - harrys shaving

Meeting 3/27: The Types of Consulting



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